Heirloom Apple Festival

Heirloom Apple Festival -- over 200 kinds to taste!

Co-sponsored by Friendly Haven Rise Farm and the Venersborg Community Club

Saturday, October 17 from 11-4

At the Venersborg One-Room Schoolhouse

We're hosting an Heirloom Apple Tasting with 200+ different varieties to sample and nearly all of them are delicious. Some taste sweet, some tart ones pucker up your mouth but make great cider. Others taste like honey, bananas, roses. Some are long and narrow, some have red flesh, others are white as snow, and some are breeds from the 1600s. Admission lets you sample as many as you'd like, just point and we'll give you a taste of each of them. Come hungry!

If you find an unusual variety you like, we'll graft a tree for you from that breed.

Cast your vote for best flavor, prettiest, most unusual shape, tartest, sweetest, best scent, and strangest flavor.

If you have old apples trees growing in your backyard we'll do our best to identify them. Recently we found an old variety on our farm that was thought to be extinct!

Venersborg and the surrounding area were old fruit-growing communities. Apple trees can grow for 80-100 years and the old varieties planted in our early days are coming up on the end of their time. If these trees are identified and branches from the old trees grafted onto new tree stock, these varieties will continue. We'd like to encourage people who have (or know of) an old apple tree on their land to bring them in so we can look at them. At last year's apple event about a half dozen apple varieties were identified that were pretty rare.

If you'd like your apples identified, bring 5 from each tree in a separate paper bag. Don't wash or polish them because some of the characteristics are in the bloom. The apple ID crew is from the Home Orchard Society and love doing this.

What else can you do? You can buy unusual apples and apple trees to plant; eat homebaked apple pie, cookies and beef-dogs; drink fresh cider; and enter your name in the raffle for the extraordinarily beautiful handmade quilt. At 2pm we'll have an apple pie making demo by local pie-making experts. Come and learn their secrets. Tours of the old school and its history will be given hourly.

Admission is $5, $10 for families. Apple tasting, tree identification, pie making demo, tours and one quilt raffle ticket are all included in admission.

Held at the historic Venersborg one-room schoolhouse at the corner of 209th St and 242nd Ave in Venersborg, ten minutes east of Hockinson. Part of the proceeds go to the Venersborg Community Club "flush fund" to install a real bathroom to replace the still-in-use outhouses.

More info at http://www.FriendlyHaven.com