Community Seed Exchange

Been saving them all winter? Meet at the school Sunday, January 31st from 1-3 pm. Bring sandwich bags or tight-sealing envelopes. Visit and sort seeds. Bring cookies if you've got some. Hot tea and coffee available and we've got some soda you can purchase.

Haven't been saving seeds? Come in and pick some up. The following seeds will be here and more:

Amaranth, Heirloom aka Love Lies Bleeding and Kiss me over the garden gate.
Beans, Scarlet Runner
Bee Balm, red
Columbine, lavender w/ white center
Cosmo, pink mix
Gopher Purge
Hollyhock, Single White, Single Black, Double Pink, Mix 2006
Lettuce, red, speckled, green leaf, buttercrunch
Marigolds, starfire mix small, small yellow, small orange/yellow, small orange. Large
Nigella aka Love in a mist
Poppies, red, orange CA, cream CA, 2008 pkg orange CA
Pumpkin, pie
Pumpkin, carving
Snapdragon, yellow
Swiss Chard, rainbow mix, 2008

Winter News at the Schoolhouse

In the midst of all this rain, we're doing quite well. The schoolhouse has had plenty of activity all through fall and winter. Folks are quite pleased with being able to use our new indoor bathroom. No more walks through the forest in drizzly darkness with a flashlight. Is there anyone out here who misses that?

We have just a few small details to finish up with. If anything here is something you could volunteer to do, or items you'd be willing to contribute, please contact Jacqueline at 687-8384.

1. ADA bathroom bars to help handicapped people
2. Help painting the bathroom.
3. Wrapping the heat tape around the pipes.

We are also getting ready to clean & paint the ceiling of the main room very soon. Almost all of the supplies are in place except sandpaper and several regular sized paintbrushes. If you have either of these items you would like to donate please call 666-4829.