Apple Tasting Huge Success

What great fun! We had a LOT of people come out for the annual Heirloom Apple Tasting. Even better, many of them brought apples from old trees on their land and the Home Orchard Society members identified quite a few unusual apples including one they had never seen before, the Mann apple, that was found on an apple tree near a railroad track on 72nd Ave. Also had more Winter Bananas, an old baking apple that is orange with a watercolored patch of red on one side.

Our hope is that each year we get to rediscover more of the old ones and over the winter when the trees are dormant, we can graft some scions onto young rootstock and grow more of these trees.

Jacqueline & Joseph Freeman at Friendly Haven Rise Farm put together 216 different kinds of apples, all grown in southwest Washington and northwest Oregon so they're all fairly local. They're rumored to be pressing a lot of cider all this coming week.

Fall Potluck Sat. Nov. 13 at 6pm

And we sure hope you'll attend! Bring the dish you most enjoy making and come visit with your neighbors. Bring friends.

The annual neighborhood potluck is at the schoolhouse and we'll have the big old stove fired up so we'll be toasty warm inside. The food is ALWAYS fabulous -- some Venersborgians are extraordinary cooks.

If you'd like to donate something dessert-ish to the cookie auction after, you're invited to do that. Our auctioneer will make much of it and remember, our bidding goes up in 25 cent bids so you don't have to spend a lot to take home a luscious chocolate cake or to eat fresh scones on Sunday morning. Every year we have a few plants and some nifty crafts that make it into the auction, too. Lots of fun and all money raised goes into the schoolhouse maintenance fund.

Bring your own plate and silverware and serving spoon for your potluck item. We're looking forward to seeing you there.