Give Food, Get Plants & Seeds

Sunday, May 1st from 1-5 pm at the Historic Venersborg Schoolhouse we held a Food Drive and Seed Exchange. People arrived to find the schoolhouse brimming with tables full of live spring plants and starts grown or collected by club members and other folks in the community. Everyone who donated a food bank item got a free plant. All who attended were invited to choose the seeds they want to plant in their gardens this year from our wide selection of saved seed and donated packages of seeds.

The food donation were given to the North County Food Bank. All funds collected went into our Venersborg Schoolhouse shingle fund to finish off the exterior of the new bathroom.

Last year the first "Give Food/Get Plants" drive was well attended. The North County Food Bank gained more than 560 lbs of food and $20 in cash donations when they were in great need.

All of the following helped our 'Give Food ~ Get Plant' Drive:

Food donation

Plants, edible or not


A recipe for the future Venersborg Schoolhouse cookbook

Garden knowledge/your time

Plant markers/tags

Small Sealable bags or envelopes for seeds

$ for the Foodbank or to purchase a Venersborg plant

You get to choose a plant to take home for your food donation: Himrod and Concord grapes, hops, creeping thyme, chocolate mint, roses, violets, small doug fir and cedar trees, lilacs, crocosmia, onions, golden, pussy and native willows, native snowberry and flowering currant, rosemary, daylillies, rhubarb, sedums, some vegetable starts and more. Please be courteous those who come later and limit yourself to one plant.

The schoolhouse is available free for non-profit or social events.