Time to Save your Seeds

Got a garden? When your greens bolt, let the seeds ripen and collect them for the Seed Exchange in January 2012. Now is the time to think about saving your ripening seeds. This is plenty of time to start cool weather crops indoors. Seeds from cucumbers, beans, melons, other veggies and all kinds of flowers can be saved, dried and stored in a cool, dry place until ready to share. Be sure to label your seeds. Watch for our Seed Exchange date in January and our food drive in late spring where we'll once again have more seeds to trade and give away. Spring event is our "Give Food ~ Get a Plant" day. We hope you can make it to both events. (the photo is Jacqueline with a humongous kale plant that donated plenty of seeds last year.)

Recipes Needed

Your favorite recipe can help the Schoolhouse. Submit as many original recipes as you want to venersborgrecipes@gmail.com. We are looking especially for tasty entrees, salads, pasta, vegan, desserts and miscellaneous recipes from 100 years ago or today! Accepted recipes will be published under your name in the Venersborg Historical Schoolhouse Cookbook that will (hopefully) be available for purchase in time for the 100 year anniversary of the school in 2012. All proceeds help to maintain the building and sponsor community events.

Ice Cream ~ Bluegrass Social (pickin' & lickin')

Sunday, August 21 from 1-4:00 pm. Free! Music by The Old Time Fiddlers. Purchase tickets for raffle of the quilt donated by Mary Jo Lewis. Other events this year include Autumn Community Potluck & Pie Auction, Homestead Fair, Apple Tasting and Christmas Wreath Making. Find out more about events planned for the the Venersborg School's 100th anniversary in 2012.

We've had the Old Time Fiddlers come and play for the past two summers and it's delightful. These folks have been playing together for many decades. If you play an instrument, you're welcome to join in, it's pretty informal.
 At the schoolhouse we had outhouses up until last year and finally got an indoor bathroom. That was a big task and we raised all the money by doing things like this. No grants, no big benefactors, just a little from everyone and it added up. We're almost done with the project. We just have to complete the outside of the bathroom so it's weatherproof and then we're ready for winter.   
We have the idea that putting a jar out for donations while the fiddlers play and everyone eats ice cream is a good way to raise money to buy the materials. We're hoping you'll enjoy it so much you'll want to donate something to the club and if you do, we're happy to accept. So the fiddlers are coming and the ladies are baking. We'll also have on display the handmade quilt one of the ladies made for our raffle in November, along with all kinds of handmade-homemade-homegrown items from the kitchens and gardens of the other ladies that will be prizes in the raffle, too.  Our schoolhouse is the oldest continuously operating building in Washington state and if you want, we'd be happy to give you a tour and tell you some of its 99 year history.  The fiddlers will be playing from 1-4. 
We're 35 minutes north of PDX. We have benches to sit on or if you want to bring a blanket, that's fine, too. We'll be outdoors on the lawn. Last year we moved as the shade from the trees moved and we'll probably do the same thing again. Bring a hat or a parasol if you want.   Our village is tiny and near all the members of our community club are 70+ so don't expect a big production. Just fiddling and snacks on the lawn, pickin' and lickin'.  You can hear a clip of the fiddlers playing last year: www.FriendlyHaven.com It's right on the front page.