Autumn Potluck and Cookie Auction Saturday, September 17, 6:00 pm

Welcome to Venersborg! Bring a dish to share and enjoy our village's congeniality and warmth at the schoolhouse. We'll auction off desserts after dinner with David Tripp, auctioneer extraordinaire. It's a great time to meet up with old friends and meet some new ones. All Venersborg residents are invited.

Homestead Day! Sunday, September 18 from 12-4

This event is free and open to the public. Donations are always gladly accepted ~ see our wish list!

Ever wanted to see how people lived and what they did 'back in the day'? Here's your chance to learn some unusual skills from local folks who still do them. If you know something special, please come and share it with us. Give us a call ahead of time so we can make room for you.

* Soap making -- Hand soap and laundry detergent for 5cts a load
* Basic Quilting
* Spinning yarn

* Make butter
* Make whitewash paint to keep your animal pens hygienic
* Goat milking demo (12:15)
* Food Preservation classes  (1, 2 and 3pm) -- Please let us know if you'd like to take the food class so we bring enough for everyone. Call 666-9012 and leave your name and how many spots.

* Food Preservation for Kids -- (1 and 2:30) Kids make bread dough and freezer jam to take home :
* Brenda Wilson will have some broilers (meat chickens) for you to finish raising at home, plus she will show some of her favorite heirloom laying hens you can order for spring.
* Sorry the demonstration on how to slaughter/butcher chickens has a scheduling conflict and will not take place unless a new volunteer comes forward to do it.
* Seed saving display

If you know someone who can volunteer their skills at Homestead Day, please call Kristine White at 666-4829. If you have an old time skill, please come and show us.

Got items to donate? Please call us if you do:
small and widemouth canning lids and rings, pickling cucumbers, berries (any kind)
flour, yeast, vinegar, sugar, pectin
an hour or more of your time
(Brenda Wilson with a special hen)