Homestead Day, 11-4:00, Sunday, September 22nd

Ever wanted to learn how to preserve pickles, bake bread, grow a garden or even slaughter a chicken? Homestead Day volunteers will be sharing their knowledge and demonstrate some basic old-time skills including soap making, animal husbandry and the proper way to start a campfire. Learn how to spin wool, save seeds and more. WA extension volunteers will share how to make flavored vinegar and host a kid's bread and jam camp with bread in a bag and freezer jam for the kids to take home. Seed saving suggestions, seed giveaway and more coming! Interested in volunteering? Easy work! Call 360.666.4829

Activities/demonstrations - I'm sure I've forgotten someone here

* Food Preservation classes - pickles  (1, 2 and 3:00 pm) 
* Kid's Bread & Jam camp - 10 per session (1:00 pm & 2:30 pm)

Throughout the day:* Leather working with a stitching horse
* Butter churning in a jar
*Flavored vinegar
*Spinning fiber
*Seed saving + giveaway
*Apple cider press
*How to build a campfire
*Heirloom poultry
*Gardening advice
*Poultry Butchering/Dressing
*Fresh corn on the cob
*Popcorn too!