Using the Schoolhouse for your Events


The Venersborg Schoolhouse located at 24309 NE 209th Street was built in 1912. It is on the National Historic Register and on Washington States’s Historic Register as the oldest community building in continuous use. Your help is needed to keep it in good repair! By using the building YOU are considered an associate member and are responsible for cleaning and/or any damage that results from your use or your guests use of the building. 

The minimum, non-refundable advance fee payable to the Venersborg Community Club (VCC) is $25. All funds are used to maintain the building or sponsor community events. This fee may be waived for non-profit groups if requested prior to the next general meeting. Leaving the building in unsatisfactory conditions may result in increased fees or other charges.  IMPORTANT NOTES: If you ask questions that have been addressed in this form we will assume you have not read it and deny your request. The fire pit is not to be used at this time for safety issues.

We reserve the right to cancel your event due to non-payment, unexpected maintenance or similar issues. The schoolhouse is administered solely by volunteers, please be kind to them!

Venersborg Community Club (VCC) and Venersborg Historic Preservation Society's (VHPS) mission statement:

  • To preserve and improve the Historic Venersborg Schoolhouse and its rural and historic character for use as a social, educational, agricultural and recreational facility for the Venersborg regional community
  • To promote responsible, productive community leadership and volunteerism and
  • To promote and support community needs.

Additional donations for building maintenance can be made to the Venersborg Historic Preservation Society (VHPS) - a 501c(3) non-profit organization.

To request a date for use or other questions please call (509) 679-2809. Mail or email this completed form/instructions at the time of your request. This is your agreement to use the building.

No mail is received at the schoolhouse. You can email a copy to or print and Snail mail 21607 NE 242nd Ave
Battle Ground, WA 98604

Name Contact Phone
Address Type of Event
Number of people expected Date Requested

Visit or “Historic Venersborg Schoolhouse” on Facebook to see more pictures and any scheduled community events.

Thank you for making use of this beloved building. We hope you enjoy its rustic warmth and the pleasure it brings to our community. There are a few details and instructions peculiar to the schoolhouse that you must be aware of and follow. If you notice a problem please notify us as soon as possible by calling 360.666.4829 or 360.687.7071

The following instructions/rules are part of the agreement and are posted in the entryway of the building. Please read carefully, communicate them with your guests and abide by them so that others may enjoy the Historic Venersborg Schoolhouse too.


  • Lights are to your right after the second set of double doors. Main lights are just around the corner
  • Turn on the red water valve under the kitchen sink so the toilet and sinks work
  • THEN turn on the insta-hot plug strip next to the sink
  • Notify us if the oven is not clean or of other issues PRIOR to use or you may be charged extra!
  • Bring your own disposable dishes or
  • Use the dishes, tableware and some serving/baking dishes are located in the lower cabinets
  • Cleaning supplies are located in the lower cabinets on the left
  • Trash bags are located in the cabinet above the bins.


  • Return tables/benches to their original positions if you move them
  • Wash and return any tableware or serving dishes
  • Wipe down counters, sinks and tables, replace table cloths if removed.
  • Clean the glass doors of any hand prints, etc.
  • Remove your FOOD from refrigerator/freezer
  • Wipe down the commode and sink in the bathroom
  • Sweep and mop all floors
  • Empty and return mop bucket to curtained closet
  • Hang mop outside at the back door
  • Turn OFF the insta-hot first, THEN the red water valve under the kitchen sink
  • Turn off all the lights and lock up
  • Empty the bathroom trash can
  • There is NO trash service. Take your trash AND recyclables with you when you go

  • Do NOT change the damper settings on the wood stove. It takes about an hour or two to warm the building so arrive early enough to stoke it.
  • Stop feeding the fire at least an hour before you leave
  • Please bring your own wood or leave a donation for ours.
  • If you need directions in how to build the fire, please ask in advance.
  • During extreme cold weather the building water valve outside directly under the kitchen window may also need to be turned on, please ask about it


  • Fireworks, alcohol, drugs and smoking are prohibited in the building and on schoolhouse property
  • Weekends can be busy and the building is often used by different groups each day so clean up promptly
  • Do not remove furniture, VCC/VHPS supplies from the building or memorabilia from the walls
  • Please be respectful of our neighbors and their property.
  • Keep noise or music at a reasonable level, especially evening hours after 9:00 pm.


Most cell phones do not have service at the schoolhouse. Some may receive texts.